Friday, June 17, 2011

movie, dogtooth, yorgos lanthimos

mentioned behind haneke and lynch, lanthimos is able to survive such comparison and live well beside.  has humor and soul, despite its called-for bleakness.  it is extreme only if one adopts it as a helicopter parent- hover above it and you’ll miss its depth.  what we do to children in the name of new worlds and belief in the fantastic and in ritual…this film asks these with image and one is drawn to its disguise of answer.  though punishing and frank, one feels more flogged of sin than chastised.  let me say that there is a difference between being homeschooled and being home-kept.  the only schooling that occurs in the film is in service of keeping the children in awe of a made-up doom, by which we learn how unprotected we are when armored.  there is a fear in this film that is touchable, and it manifests itself in the hidden phone that makes its cameo at a nervous ear, in a shaking hand.

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